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AdaptNET Workshop 3

Updated: Jul 7

AdaptNET (https://adaptnet.aua.gr) is an Erasmus+ Capacity Building 3-year long project entitled “Strengthening education, research and innovation for climate smart crops in India”. AdaptNET will perform its Workshop 3 entitled “Climate change and Agriculture” during 3-8 February 2020 at NEO. The program of the workshop could be downloaded from https://adaptnet.aua.gr/index.php/events-adaptnet/4-workshop-3.

30 Indian scientists were granted a fellowship to participate in a series of 4 workshops (one week long each) under AdaptNET. In addition, 6 young Greek agronomists from the “New Agriculture for a New Generation” program (https://www.generationag.org/en), an innovative multi-year project to support youth career opportunities and entrepreneurship in the Agrιfood sector in Greece, will also attend.

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