Publications 2013

Scientific Journals


Mazi K., Koussis A.D., Destouni G., 2013. Tipping points for seawater intrusion in coastal aquifers under rising sea level. Envirion. Res. Lett., 8, 014001, doi: 10.1088/ 1748-9326/8/014001.

Weiberg Erika and Finne Martin, 2013. Mind or Matter? People-Environment Interactions and the Demise of Early Helladic II Society in the Northeastern Peloponnese. American Journal of Archaeology, 117, 1-31. 

Lyon, S.W., M.T. Walter, E.J. Jantze, and J.A. Archibald, 2013. Training hydrologists to be ecohydrologists: a “how-you-can-do-it” example leveraging an active learning environment for studying plant-water interaction, Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci., 17, 269-279, doi:10.5194/hessd-17-269-2013, 2013. 

PAGES 2k Consortium (incl. NEO-researcher Paul Krusic), 2013: Continental-scale temperature variability during the past two millennia. Nature Geoscience 6, 339-346.



European Aerosol Conference (Prague Czech Republic 1-6 September, 2013)

Athanasopoulou E., D. Rieger, C. Walter, H. Vogel, B. Vogel and E. Gerasopoulos: Modeling the chemical and radiative effects of aerosol during the wildfires of 2007 in Greece.

Liakakou E., Gerasopoulos E., Paraskevopoulou D., Zarbas P., Theodosi C., Kalivitis N., Maneas G., Mihalopoulos N., Zerefos C.: Aerosol chemical composition at NEO (Eastern Mediterranean) during the ARGON 2012 summer campaign.


- An insight article has been published at the IOP community website environmentalresearchweb following up on our latest NEO paper Mazi et al. (Environmental Research Letters, 2013): Mazi et al., Insight: sea-level tipping points affect groundwater quality near coast, environmentalresearchweb, 2013 -