Historical Hydroclimate Variability

Global wetting by seasonal surface water over the last decades  (2020) 


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A historical database of key hydroclimatic variables in and across 6400 catchments around the world (2020)


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The Role of Weather during the Greek-Persian ‘Naval Battle of Salamis’ in 480 B.C. (2020)


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SISAL: Bringing Added Value to Speleothem Research  (2019) 


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A 1200+ year reconstruction of temperature extremes for the northeastern Mediterranean region (2019)


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The SISAL database: a global resource to document oxygen and carbon isotope records from speleothems (2018)

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A 1286-year hydro-climate reconstruction for the Balkan Peninsula (2018)

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Temperature Covariance in Tree Ring Reconstructions and Model Simulations Over the Past Millennium (2017)


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New Tree-Ring Evidence from the Pyrenees Reveals Western Mediterranean Climate Variability since Medieval Times (2017)


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Reply to 'Limited Late Antique cooling (2017)


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