List of potential students' topics within the frame of NEO research fields

If you are interested in any of the topics proposed here, please contact one of the supervisors listed for the topic for further discussions. For budget considerations please consult with the supervisors, the director of studies at the relevant department and/or the NEO Director

1) Atmospheric measurement techniques and analysis of atmospheric composition data (example)

Level: Bachelor&MSc

Potential supervisors: HC Hansson, E Gerasopoulos, A Kazantzidis,

The project: NEO atmospheric research station has been up and running since April 2011. A large data set of atmospheric aerosol physical and optical properties, aerosol chemical composition, as well as ozone concentrations is being collected on a regular basis. Students will be introduced in atmospheric measuring techniques and will be guided on how to analyze the collected data.

Bachelor: Environmental or atmospheric physics, introduction in atmospheric composition measurement techniques and data analysis

MSc: Bachelor degree in Physics, Environmental Sciences, Geology or Chemistry, followed by courses related to the project

Suitable date: Any time.

Total Length of the study: 2 months

Length of study at Navarino:

Other requirements:

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